Aware that our structures are often an integral part of complex production processes, they are designed and manufactured with the aim of becoming fully integrated with the surrounding machinery.
Thanks to this extraordinary versatility, our products represent the benchmark in the market.

The platforms we manufacture reflect the strictest safety standards and vary depending on different laws that must be complied worldwide.
The philosophy of total safety which we pursue starts internally, where we are proud to have invested in the prevention and protection of workers’ health and safety.
It continues at our customers’ premises, where we implement the same precautions. In addition to the compulsory legislative measures, we also put in place others factors which we have learned from our experience.

All our structures are designed accord to International Standards UNI EN ISO 14122:2016 (Safety of machinery)

Gate closed by Bommer spring hinges.
Gate opened upstairs.
Gate opened, metal staves paving.
Anti-slips steps.

Safety is not a product, it’s a process. It’s a state of mind!


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